Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Your Grandmother Should Know

Many of us seek cloth diapering support from our peers, from other parents of young children. We reinvent cloth diapers as we start over with every new parent and every baby. Even in the passing era of throwaway diapers, the knowledge of cloth diapers was not lost. There have been women among us all along who know about cloth diapers. Your grandmother should know.
We can give depth and history to our own use of cloth diapers by learning about the solutions others found. Granted, the cloth diapers we use on our children in 2006 are seldom like those our mothers or grandmothers used because our diapers are evolving in different economic and environmental realities. We have a greater variety of materials available. We have the collective wisdom of our peers to draw on through the internet. And, we have a much more detailed knowledge of the impact of our diapering choices on environment, economy, and health.
Let's expand that collective wisdom to the history within memory in our own families and neighborhoods. Let's learn from our grandmothers as we create an oral history of cloth diapers, then let’s spread it around.
Your grandmother should know cloth diapers. Go ask her.


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