Saturday, March 20, 2010

HARD ROCK Cloth Diaper Detergent Giveaway! **CLOSED**

We are celebrating the highly anticipated launch of Rockin' Green's newest formula - HARD ROCK - with a giveaway! We are giving away a bag of Hard Rock by Rockin' Green to 2 lucky winners! Hard Rock is the final chapter in the Rockin' Green trilogy. Designed for the hardest of water types, this formula delivers even more cleaning power than the original.

Here are a few rave reviews of the new Hard Rock Detergent:

  • My diapers have never been so soft, and white. and the ammonia smell is almost TOTALLY gone! I've never been so happy while cloth diapering!! :)

  • My problems have notoriously been with night dipes and ammonia. Last night's night dipe was completely soaked (DH put the wrong doubler in!), and it smelled like…absolutely nothing! And of course, she had no irritation!

  • I'm VERY happy with the new formulation. There doesn't appear to be any skin irritation, and I'm no longer getting that strong ammonia smell after she pees in her diapers. Success! When are you going to actually be selling it? I'm going to run through this bag quickly, and I NEED MORE! :

  • So, I have used it in several loads now and it is doing very well. Even poopy dipes I couldn't get to for 4 days came clean. I am very very impressed and would love a large thing of it.

  • I just LOVE this Hard Rock! I don't think I'd ever want to scale back that final rinse, but I've now cut out an entire wash cycle worth of water from our routine. Thanks so much Kim for making such a ROCKIN' product!

  • I LOVE this detergent. I even use it to wash pads and clothes!! You did an outstanding job putting this together.

How can you win?

You can earn entries by doing any of the following. Leave a comment for each item you complete.
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Ends March 27, 2010 10pm PST. Winner will be chosen at random via