Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cloth Diapers Featured in Mothering Magazine

The new issue of Mothering Magazine arrived in my mailbox today. I was so excited when I saw it featured the "Cloth Diaper Comeback". I quickly opened the magazine and jumped to the cloth diaper section. Jackson was just as excited as I in the mag except his intention was to devour it. The cloth diaper section is full of great information for both the novice and veteran cd user alike. I am thrilled to see that cloth is finally making it's way back into mainstream!

Mothering featured a few articles on cloth diapering: "Dumping Disposable Diapers," by Lindsay Evans (page 46), outlines how to make a smooth transition to cloth (and why the environment will thank you). Meanwhile, Elizabeth Gawlik's "The ABCs of Going Cloth" (page 52) gives you the skinny on the latest diaper styles and how to take care of them—these are definitely not your mother's diapers! You'll be amazed at how relatively easy these attractive varieties make padding your baby's bum. In addition, a special "Strokes of Genius" section (page 90) features products with the cloth-diapering parent in mind.

Cloth diapering products featured in the magazine are:
I am working on getting a pdf copy on the site to share with everyone. I haven't mastered the ftp thing yet lol


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