Thursday, July 31, 2008

No more Toxic Baby Bottles!

Recently, I have been doing a lot of reading about BPA in plastics and the effects they have on our children. My daughter never took a bottle as a baby (quite strong willed since birth) , my son rarely did and I used mostly glass bottles. Now that he is 14 months old and loves to run around the house with his bottle I no longer feel comfortable using glass bottles. I started a mission to find safe, BPA free baby bottles and became side-tracked by all the shocking studies. I recently read a study on bottles entitled "Toxic Baby Bottles" written by the Environment California Research and & Policy Center.

"Extensive scientific literature reports adverse health
effects from bisphenol A at very low doses. Studies show
that bisphenol A can alter the expression of several
hundred genes with effects varying among specific tissues
and depending upon the timing of exposure. More
than 150 laboratory animal studies suggest that bisphenol
A exposure at very low doses is linked to a staggering
number of health problems, including prostate and breast
cancer, obesity, hyperactivity, diabetes, altered immune
system, lowered sperm count, and early puberty."

"...growing children
are particularly at risk from bisphenol
A exposure and because adverse effects
on intellectual ability, social behaviors,
fertility, and potential for disease may
take decades to detect, measures must
be taken to protect children from exposure
to products containing bisphenol A
that they use every day.
Even after birth, children’s bodies remain
immature with underdeveloped
detoxification mechanisms to protect
them from toxic chemicals. Children’s
brains and other organ systems are constantly
developing, undergoing periods
of particular sensitivity to damage or
I have found a few great makers of BPA-free baby bottles and sippy cups from Green to Grow, ThinkBaby, and Klean Kanteen . So get rid of your old baby bottles now!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nighttime Cloth Diapering with no leaks?! It CAN be done!

One of the most common questions I get is about nighttime diapering. Many families who use cloth during the day resort to disposables at night because they are afraid of leaks or have not found the right solution. With most babies spending 12 hours asleep, hopefully straight through :) , you don't want that time to be in a chemical laden disposable. Cloth at night is totally doable! Every baby is different and yes it can take some trial an error but it is worth it.

My favorite solution...Wool! If you have not tried wool before, you must! It really is natures miracle fiber! Many people think that wool is hard to care for but it really is not. Wool is self cleaning so you only need to hand wash it about every other week. Wool does need to be lanolized about once a month . This is also simple because there are lanolin sprays that make it super easy. Since wool is a natural, breathable it keeps baby comfortable at night.

For the average wetter a pocket diaper with an extra insert or doubler works fine. The bumGenius with both inserts (one-size insert & newborn insert) is a popular choice. Or try a Knickernappies SuperDo, these are workhorse inserts! An awesome combo of microfiber and hemp make this insert super absorbent. For heavy wetters I suggest the Baby BeeHinds Bamboo Fitted Diaper with the Baby BeeHinds Wool Cover. The combination is bullletproof and has never let me down.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Klean Kanteen BPA-Free Sippy Cups!!

Klean Kanteen bottles are made of high-quality food grade stainless steel. This means absolutely no leaching, no BPA, no WORRIES!

Did you know that it takes 700 yers before plastic begins to decompose? That is CRAZY! And the wort past is that only 23% of plastic bottles in the US are recycled which leaves 38 Billion bottles to sit our landfills!

The 120z Klean Kanteen Sippy is designed for small hands, making it easy to hold. And the large-mouth makes it easy to clean too—just scrub it out with soap and water, or toss it in the dishwasher. The come with 2 Avent Sippy spouts.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

bumGenius ORGANIC Diaper at Banana Peels!

The bumGenius One-Size Diaper we all love now with ORGANIC cotton! Perfect for those who want natural fibers against their baby's bum and love the fit of the bumGenius 3.0. The Organic version features a fast-dry one-size liner with 6 layers of organic cotton for absorbency, no stuffing! This baby is not only a one-size diaper but it is an all-in-one! Can't get any easier than that :) This new "no-stuff" system is available only in the bumGenius Organic One-Size Cloth Diaper is an ideal solution for families with a child in day-care or family members resistant to cloth diapers! It really is as easy to use as a disposable diaper.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Natural Diapering from Baby BeeHinds

Luxuriously soft and comfy for baby's bottom! You will love this squishy soft fitted diaper, and so will your baby! Designed in Australia, Baby BeeHinds are now available in the US.

Baby BeeHinds bamboo diapers (or nappies as they are called in Australia) are made from natural, renewable fibers that do not compromise ANY wild resources. The organic cotton and bamboo fibers in this nappy are grown 100% without the use of chemicals or pesticides.
And the best part is, it is a one-size fits most! This diaper is designed to fit (the average sized) baby through from birth- toddler, negating the need to 'size up' as baby grows!

This is a fitted diaper which means you will need to use a cover. Pair it with a Wool Diaper Cover from Baby BeeHinds and not only do you have a natural, breathable diapering system, baby will be leak free!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm a Plumber!

We'll not really, actually far from it but I was able to install the bumGenius Diaper Sprayer in 5 minutes flat! I am very proud of myself :) I have to show off my handy work...yes, this is the first picture of a toilet I have ever taken:
Being in the cloth diaper business (and a mom) has pretty much desensitized me to poo and poo related issues so this might be a little TMI for some...but my son has the worst stickiest poo! It has been really hard to get it off his diapers! I guess it is all the fruit he eats and that he is still nursing. To top it off it go goes several times a day, so last night I thought "hey DIAPER SPRAYER DUH!" So I went for it and hooked up that bad boy and tested the water pressure. I have found that the medium strength spray works the best. Too much pressure sprays water on the seat and low flow doesn' t cut it. Once I got a hang of it I was impressed! This is one of those things that I wonder how I went so long without!

The bumGenius Diaper Sprayer has been a hot seller for a while and I have always meant to try one out. You'd think that after 3 years of cloth diapering I would have tried it sooner. There was just something so intimidating about it. If you are like me and a little eeked out by it I say go for it! It really is E.A.S.Y!

*UPDATE* Diaper Sprayers SOLD OUT, don't worry they will be back in stock soon!*

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun, Funky, Original GENY Covers!

"Couture Cloth for the Naturally Stylish"

GENY diaper covers are just that, stylish and original. You won't find any other cover out there which such personality and edge. If you like fun, original prints, then you will love GENY diaper covers!

Side snap diapers are virtually leak proof and very easy to use. An inner layer of PUL acts as a waterproof barrier, but is soft and flexible. The waist and legs are fitted with non-wicking stretch binding that gathers the fabric, yet is gentle on little legs and tummies. Poly-resin snap closures allow air circulation, are more difficult for your baby to undo.
GENY Diaper Covers are available in 5 super cool prints, be sure to check them out!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thirsties Pocket AIO V2! In Stock NOW!

The new and improved Thirsties V2 Pocket All-in-One diaper has arrived! A few changes have been made to the well loved Thirsties AIO. The fleece has been removed from the inner gussets so no more wicking when the diaper is saturated. In addition, the soaker has been widened just a bit to add extra built-in absorbency. Thirsties has also introduced their Hemp Inserts which can be stuffed into the Thirsties Pocket All-In-One. The two products paired together will meet the needs of the heaviest of wetters, yet the combo is still very trim fitting, perfect for nap time with no wicking!

There are still a few of the Original Thirsties V1 Pocket All-in-One diapers in stock! Save 20% on the V1 Style diaper.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Help Bring Cloth Diapers to Low Income Families

Miracle Diapers is a a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to providing cloth diapers, baby products, and natural living items to struggling families all over the world. Miracle Diapers accepts donations that were given generously by caring individuals and redistribute them to families who are in need of assistance.

Thanks to thousands of generous donors, Miracle Diapers has proudly cloth diapered over 700 babies in three years! What does that translate to? We have saved over a million dollars and 500 tons of garbage! Every year we receive more than double the amount of applications than in previous years. We look forward to watching the numbers of those we've helped soar into the thousands in 2008.

Banana Peels Diapers is a proud supporter of Miracle Diapers and I hope you will be to!