Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wahmies Wonder Shopper in DISCO DOTS

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge germaphobe! When my husband and I go grocery shopping he has to push the cart, I just can't do it! I picture the millions of germs and bacteria crawling all over it. I love that now more and more stores are offering sanitizing wipes at the door to wipe down the carts. Unfortunately, I am trying to give up my beloved clorox wipes (and having major withdraws, they are the only "bad" product in my home). Thank goodness for the cart cover! Wahmies make a fabulous cart cover called the Wonder Shopper. It is handmade here in the US and is great quality, unlike those you may fine at major baby retailers. The BEST thing is that they come in DISCO DOTS!! I have a limited quantity in Pink on Brown Disco Dots and Blue on Brown Disco dots. They are so cute!! With the dreaded flu season upon us, I want to protect my baby and my germaphobe self.


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