Thursday, January 29, 2009

Win a Rocky Mountain One Size Diaper!

Join us on Facebook to be entered into a drawing to win a Rocky Mountain Diaper. All you need to do is become a Fan of Banana Peels Diapers on Facebook. A winner will be chosen at random from the Fan list on Saturday 2/7. The winner's name will be posted on the Banana Peels Diapers Facebook Page. This is your chance to try a Rocky Mountain Diaper and see what all the buzz is about!

Rocky Mountain Diapers offer a new twist to the One Size Diaper. No more unattractive exposed front snaps! Size adjustments are made with internal snap adjustments, Rocky Mountain Diapers are easy to use, easy to adjust, and great color combinations are sure to please.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cloth Diaper Delimas - HE Washers

For those of you that have an HE or front loader washing machine you know how great they are for the environment and saving water. It is ironic that they are not so good at getting cloth diapers clean. Diapers need a lot of water to slosh around in. I never had an issue with stinkies until I upgraded to an HE machine. I actually miss my top loader for diaper loads.

If you ever peek into your washer mid-cycle you will notice that there is hardly any water. Diapers absorb the majority of the wash water. Also, HE washers determine the water level by the weight of the load. Since diapers are lighter even less water is used. Your diapers end up rolling around with barely any water.

If you have an HE washer that allows you to customize the amount of water the washer uses, you are lucky! My washer has no such option :(

So I simply add a bit more to the washer.

Do a prewash/ rinse cycle first. This is important to remove any solid waste that may be left on the diapers. Then start your wash load as normal. When the washer is done filling I add about 2 pots of hot water to the load. Always follow with an extra rinse at the end of the cycle.

Now the water level is where is should be, right up to the bottom of the drum. Not too much water but just enough. The diapers now have a sufficient amount of water to agitate.

I believe in keeping it simple. This process may seem like a pain but it is so much easier than constant stripping, soaking, unnecessary sanitary cycles, additives, boiling, etc.

This process may not be for everyone, but it has been a LIFESAVER and a time saver for me :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

SposoEasy Diaper Review

I love trying new diapers, it is my business so I have an excuse :) I am extremely critical when it comes to diapers. Give me a diaper and I will analyze the heck out of it.

There has been a lot of buzz about the SposoEasy so I just had to give it a try. I am an absolute fan of natural fibers. Cotton washes up beautifully. No stripping, no build-up and no stinkies like man-made petroleum fibers have a tendency to do. The best part of the SposoEasy? It is easy..daddy easy. Sposo = husband.

When I first opened the package I was shocked how trim it was. The SposoEasy is extremely trim. Could a diaper that is so trim be absorbent? We will see....

As seen here there is no leg casing which can lead red marks on baby's cute little or chubby :) legs.

The interior consists of a cotton flannel backed with cotton loop terry.

The diaper seemed flat upon arrival but once washed it fluffed up beautifully! And dried almost as fast as my pocket diapers, unheard of for all-in-one diapers!

The laundry tabs are ingenious. My biggest complaint with aplix is the curling which is caused by washing and drying. I have to say that I do not like aplix at all because of the curling, lint collecting and diaper snakes. These hidden wash tab solves that! LOVE them! The SposoEasy is the only aplix diaper allowed my my stash.

Once fastened, the aplix tabs are completely hidden and ready to be washed!

Here is a medium SposoEasy on my 19 month, 25lb son. PLENTY of room to grow! The SposoEasy sizing is different that other diaper brand that you may be accustomed to. They run large!

Great fit around the legs which is extremely important!

Look how trim it is! Love this dipe!

Verdict: I LOVE this diaper! Great fit, super trim, dries fast. Everything I could ask for in a diaper!

UPDATE 3/1/09
My husband "helped out" last night by getting Jackson ready for bed, nighttime diaper and all. Let me just say that I am very particular about the nighttime diaper routine. Well, my dear husband grabbed a SpsosEasy off the top of the diaper stack and put it on him. I was busy getting my daughter ready, came downstairs and Jackson was asleep. My first reaction was "what diaper is he in? is he wearing a wool cover" Nope, he was in a Sposo. Well, I was not going to wake him just to swap out his diaper. Fast forward 12 hours: I knew I would have wet sheets and jammies to wash.....well, he was DRY, bed was DRY too! Not one single leak! The inside was completely saturated. One truly amazing diaper!

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Arrivals

Sugar Peas Organic Wool Diaper Covers - Super soft and stretchy organic wool in 2 new beautiful covers and nautral too!

Sugar Peas Fleece Diaper Covers - Looking for a breathable diaper cover that is easy to care for? Like the idea of wool but don't feel like hand washing? Fleece is the answer! Easy to wash, just toss your fleece covers in with your diapers!

4 NEW Happy Heiny Prints!
Including: Bright Flowers, Butterflies, Squares, and Cheetah Spots. These are going fast!

Planet Ultra Powdered Laundry Detergent
Cloth diaper safe! Planet powdered laundry detergent contains no perfumes, dyes, enzymes or optical brighteners. This low-sudsing formula is ideal for use in front loading washers. My personal favorite for diapers and regular laundry.

Knickernappies SuperDo 2G Inserts
Now wider to fit all of your pocket diapers better! SuperDo prewashed inserts are extra thick for heavywetters or overnights.

Baby Beehinds Bamboo Fitteds, Hemp Fitteds, and Wool Covers in Natural are back instock!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

sustainablebabyish! Need I say more :)

sustainablebabyish Organic Bamboo Fleece Fitted Diapers (aka SBish OBF) are now instock at Banana Peels Diapers! These fabulous OBF nighttime fitteds are known as the "magic diaper" by many. These diaper have quite a cult following.

sustainablebabyish fitteds are soft and beautiful, made entirely of certified organic bamboo|cotton fleece with the soft jersey side out. This allows the moisture to be pulled to the core of the diaper and keeps baby dry and comfortable longer. Looking for a diaper to get you through the night and keep baby comfortable, look no further!

Also just added from sustainablebabyish Hemp|organic Cotton Fleece Flat Diapers. These are no ordinary prefolds. sbish prefolds are soft and cuddly 55% hemp|45% certified organic cotton fleece. They are available in 4 scrumptious fall colors: squash, teal, graphite, & sprout (colors are dyed with low impact dyes).