Friday, February 1, 2008

One of the most frustrating things for a new mom doing her cloth diaper research online has to be deciphering the alphabet soup of abbreviations floating around the discussion forums. If a line like ‘my DH uses CPFs but I prefer FBs makes you go hmmm, this little piece of blogery is for you.

Here are some of the more common terms you’ll see floating around about cloth diapers online:

AIO – All In One diapers (diaper with waterproof outer and absorbent inner all in one piece.
Aplix – hook and loop fastener a-la Velcro
CD – Cloth Diaper
CPF – Chinese Prefold
Flats - single layer diaper you fold like oragami for max absorbancy
DD, ‘sposies - Disposable Diapers
ISO - In Search Of
FB - Fuzzi Bunz pocket diaper
FSOT - For sale or trade…
Nappy - Nappy is the European word for diaper
OSD - One size diaper
Pocket Diaper - A pocket diaper is usually made of two layers of fabric sewn together to form a pocket for an absorbent insert.
UBCPF - Unbleached Chinese Prefold Diaper
WAHM - Work At Home Mom
DH (or DW, DS, DD) – Dear husband/wife/son/daughter
NB – Newborn
Stash – pile of cloth diapers someone owns
MFI – Microfiber inserts
Fluff – Cloth diaper stuff
Fluffy Mail – Mail containing cloth diapers
OT – Off Topic

Please see our Diaper Dictionary for even more detailed diaper definitions.

Enjoy your journey into cloth diapering. Please contact us with all your diapering questions, we are here to help!


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