Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New One Size Pocket Diaper From Happy Heiny's Goes Hollywood

Boom Boom Press Release

New One Size Pocket Diaper From Happy Heiny's Goes Hollywood
Celebrities LOVE the New One Size from Happy Heiny's

San Diego, Calif.- January 11, 2008 Happy Heinys, one of the largest manufacturers of modern reusable cloth diaper, has been invited to be the exclusive diaper to be presented at the 2008 Boom Boom Room Pre-Golden Globes Hollywood Gifting Suite, along with some other products noted as the Hottest Must Haves for Celebrity Babies. Unfortunately the Golden Globes did not go on but the Boom Boom Room was a 2 day success.

"It was a great honor to be invited to such a fabulous event," Linda Byerline CEO of MLB Industries Inc., Happy Heinys stated. "Through the years many celebrities have received Happy Heinys for their new babies. It was great to hear from those who had used our products and loved them, as well as those who were looking for a great alternative to disposables for their babies," said Byerline.

Comments from celebrities such as Denise Richards:

"Happy Heinys are the BEST cloth diaper. My girls loved them and said how soft they are. And they are easy to use", stated Denise Richards.

"I have heard so many good things about Happy Heinys. All of my good friends use them and I look forward to putting my new babies Heiny in them. Thanks Again", Tobe Morrow wife of soap star Joshua Morrow.

"Happy Heinys is one step towards making our world a better place for the next generation", Ming Na

On a page with "Thank You" written on the top, Neil McDonough writes: " No.Thank you!!! Life Savers", Neil McDonough

"Thanks for helping me with Poop", Scott Baio

"Linda, You Rock, thank you so much, LOVE THE HAPPY HEINYS," Shar Jackson

"We LOVE happy Heinys, great colors and patterns," Tori Spelling

"Thank you for keeping my baby dry and the world a better place for her," Zorianna Kit

"Happy Heinys rock!!! We LOVE them so.. Much" Alimi Ballard and family.

"To Happy Heinys thank you for helping us feel better about changing diapers", David Kushner from Velvet Revolver

Finally to sum up what we have always tried to convey at Happy Heinys, Jon Fortson and his wife Christie Lynn Smith-Fortson recently sent an email to us, and I would like to share a small excerpt of that email:

"I want to do it. I want to be that person, because I believe and am passionate about not just the environment but our planet and the message we send to our kids and others through the choices we make. 500 years - Although I have contributed in other ways through various charities, environmental causes, cleaning up beaches, etc. - there will never be a better opportunity to do one simple thing that will help make such a difference for our planet as using cloth diapers. When you think of all the plastic diapers, sitting all over the world, buried in our dirt, seeping into our waters.waters we all enjoy.you have to. When our children have babies and they face the same choice what will we tell them we did?"

About the Boom Boom Room: The Boom Boom Room is an exclusive event put on by Jayneoni Moore. Jayneoni, a regular on MTV, VH1's The Fabulous Life of Celebrity Kids, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, MSNBC Hot List and CNN, is well known as a bonafide Kiddie-swag specialist for Hollywood celebrities. Jayneoni's signature Boom Boom Rooms are held at hush-hush Hollywood locations and showcase the must-have baby and children's products of the season. Jayneoni Moore has become known as the "Fairy Godmother" to many of the famous tots in Tinseltown.

Although there is no charge for the Boom Boom Room there is a suggested donation of $25 with all proceeds going to The Jayneoni Moore Children's Fund.

About Happy Heinys: Happy Heinys was first opened in Jan. 2002 after the premature birth of the third child of Linda Byerline. It was a true invention of necessity. Over the last 6 years Happy Heinys has become one of the largest manufactures of modern day reusable cloth diapers and one of the most popular cloth diapers in Hollywood and among the world's favorite celebrity babies as well as the #1 rated reusable cloth diaper on the internet.


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