Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A cure for winter blahhhhs

I always get a little down in the winter, not really depressed but just plain blah feeling. I miss the sun, warm spring and summer days, spending time outside, going to the park with the kids, all that stuff. I know I am lucky living in California where the weather is mild , no snowstorms, blizzards or ice. But all this rain is getting old already! So of course when I get feeling like this there is one cure that always diapers of course!! I have added the cutest swim diapers! I am thinking ahead to summer :) I have to admit that even a 100% cloth diaper user like myself has only used disposable swim diapers! It honestly did not occur to me that there were other options. DUH! Disposable swim diapers are expensive too!! These new swim diapers are by Monkey Doodlez and are the cutest things I have ever seen! Can't wait till summer to see my little guy in one! I was only able to snatch a limited quantity and I am hoping to add more once they become available. Also added from Monkey Doodlez the Cherry Blossom Micro Doodlez All in One Diaper, love the pink and brown! Look for more good stuff coming soon!

Counting the days 'till summer,



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