Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sheepish Grins Wool Care & Washy Wafers

Banana Peels Diapers is pleased offer Sheepish Grins Wool Care products and Washy Wafers!
Sheepish Grins makes caring for your wool as easy as can be! Just work a few puffs of the Foaming Wool Wash into your damp wool items and gently rinse with warm water. Done! This wool wash is very rich in lanolin and comes in a huge 8oz. bottle which is sure to last you a long time. Available in Unscented and Lavender Essential Oil.
Do your covers need lanolizing? No problem, just spray your damp covers with Sheepish Grins Creamy Spray Lanolin, pat into the fabric, let dry and voila your done! Bet you never thought lanolizing could be so easy!
Also available from Sheepish Grins are the ever popular Wash Wafers. One 3 oz bag of Washy Wafers can produce 40-60 cups of wipe solution! Get your Washy Wafers and find out why they’re a favorite among cloth diapering moms! Contains a mild glycerin soap and other gentle ingredients. Vegan friendly. Contains no animal products. Available in Washy Wafers Original Scent or Baby Powder.
If you ever have any questions about caring for your wool just drop me a line. I am here to help!


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