Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pass the Tofurky please!

My first Thanksgiving out on my own I tried my hand at preparing my first real Turkey. It couldn't be that hard, everyone does it. Even though I was vegetarian, no one else in the family was and I had not yet discovered the joys of Tofurky. I thought, well Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving without a big dead bird, right? Well, it turns out that the whole preparation of a Turkey is pretty nasty! You have to thaw this dead bird in your sink for hours (of course I had no idea I was supposed to thaw it in the fridge days ago.) Then you remove the wrapper and try to handle the slippery, big ole bird and stick your hand up it's butt to pull out a bag of guts. Then do it again to fill the cavity with stuffing. The Turkey "cooking" didn't go so well either. Still partly frozen, that bird was fully done cooking long after the guests had had their pumpkin pie.

So no more turkeys allowed at my house! Even though I am outnumbered in the vegetarian field, I could care less :) Tofurky is easy to cook, find, and delicious. Thankfully Tofurky has been a part of my Thanksgiving for years now.

Did you know that 300 million turkeys raised and killed for their flesh each year in the US!

Lucky for you, me, and the turkeys, there are lots of alternatives available, including one of my favorites, Tofurky!

Here are my top five reasons you should eat a Tofurky this year:

  • No animal was tortured in the making of a Tofurky.
  • No one has to stick her/his hand up a turkey's butt. Tofurkys don't have butts.
  • Murder should never be cause for celebration.
  • Tofurky roasts are available practically everywhere. Seriously, check this out.
  • Turkeys will be thankful.
Happy Thanksgiving!!


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