Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I love Hemp!

"Do the hemp hop, do the hemp hop. It's not dope it's rope! It's not dope it's rope!"

This past weekend I exhibited at the San Francisco Green Festival. My booth was in the Green Kids Zone so I was able to catch glimpses of the presentations and my daughter was able to take part in the activities. There was a fabulous puppet show about the benefits of hemp. I got a kick of it and was able to break away to snap a picture. I have had the song "it's not dope, it's rope" stuck in my head ever since. Liana didn't quite get it and asked me where the princesses were hahah.

Hemp makes great cloth diapers and pocket diaper inserts, very trim yet absorbent and hemp is better for our planet.

Hemp was nce deemed an indispensable commodity in the global market, it was replaced by a multitude of synthetic fibers by the mid-1900s, when it fell out of favor in the United States because of its relation to marijuana. But, while industrial hemp does belong to the same species as marijuana, it is a different variety with a very low THC content. Smoking hemp will definitely not give you a high, though it will give you a headache.

Did you know that each conventional cotton t-shirt requires:

• 1/3lb of pesticide to grow.

• 1740 gallons of water to grow the cotton for one t-shirt! That's enough drinking water for 3 years!

• Bleaching which produces deadly dioxins that have polluted countless waterways and is a highly toxic cancer-causing agent. Hemp production does not require pesticides, bleach or very much water. Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants and replenishes the soil it is planted in.


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