Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Diaper Withdrawal

Crazy as it may sound, I am going through diaper withdrawal. Jackson decided that he no longer wants to be in diapers. At 17 months he is very strong willed and learned to use the potty over the course of this last weekend, with only one accident. It is nice to not have to fight and chase him down to change his diaper but I am feeling a bit saddened. I guess it is another step toward becoming a big boy...his baby stage is slipping away. I have only done one load of diaper laundry in the past 4 days and it was only half full. No more folding and stacking, which may sound crazy but I find washing diapers quite satisfying. I have a diaper that he has yet to even try on, a beautiful WAHM embroidered piece. No more diaper "stalking" for the the diaper to complete the stash. And wool, oh how I will miss wool....


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