Thursday, October 30, 2008

New New New!!

AHHHH Goodmamas!!

Silky soft, squishy goodness! Fabulous Prints and Velours!

If you are not familiar with Goodmamas, they are a one-size fitted diaper made of the silkiest bamboo velour. You can't help but "pet" this fabulous diaper! Goodmamas have quite
a cult following. Many a mamas have stalked the goodmama site waiting for diapers to stock (yes, I too am guilty!) You can now get your hands on one of these beauties stalk-free :)

The Better for Babies line of Little Beetle fitteds, wool covers, training pants, and wool wetbags are now in-stock. Nothing but pure, organic, natural fibers. Looking for the absolute in natural diapering? Look no further! Fun colors and their super soft organic wool can't be beat. If you have not tried wool, you are missing out. I owe my love and obsession with wool to Better for Babies!

Scootababy Baby Carrier

I absolutely LOVE my Scootababy! This is hands down the easiest and most comfortable baby carrier I have tried. The Scootababy mimics the natural way you carry your baby. Simply snap the waist buckle, add baby, pull the shoulder strap over your head, adjust and you are done! It really is simple and comfortable.

I had the joy of discovering the Scootababy at a baby trade show this summer. My 16 moth old was particularly fussy and wanted nothing to do with the stroller. I ran into the makers of Scootababy and tried one on, it has been LOVE ever since. My son is at the stage where he is too tall to be worn in a front pack and I find it too difficult to get him in a back carrier. The Scootababy is super comfortable and a breeze to get on!

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  1. Scootababy Baby Carriers are awesome, we bought one from your site and these are awesome. Also you one size diapers from FuzziBunz. We are very pleased.