Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Choose your Free Sample!

I try to toss in a free sample with most orders because hey, who doesn't like a little surprise? But I have been thinking, wouldn't it be nice to choose your own sample? Maybe there is something you have been wanting to try? Now you have the option to choose your sample! And they are good ones too, some my favorites! Choose your sample here: Choose Your Sample 1 per order please.

Also, for a limited time a will be offering free trials of soap nuts! These are nature's little powerhouse fruits (yes they are a fruits, not nuts) You have to try them to believe how well they clean!


  1. I ordered some diapers,wool covers , baby legs and ect.(I checked out with paypal) But I didn't choose my free samples. I want Wool Wash Bar for free sample.
    Thank you! :)Junghoon Kim in South Korea.

  2. No problem, I will add that to your order :)