Thursday, October 2, 2008

New & Improved Knickernappi's 2G

The Knickernappies 2G have been released and are in stock! This is one fabulous diaper! The side snaps makes it very trim and I love the clean look.

A few minor changes have been made which have made a big change in performance. The biggest change is to the area between the legs. The crotch is a little wider to make them easier to stuff and to provide even better leak protection. For size medium and large, this is the only change. Testers say it has the same fit they've loved but makes it much easier to stuff, especially for dads with larger hands.

Size small now has a 1" longer rise. Many babies were growing out of smalls before they were fitting into mediums, creating a sizing gap. This gap has been closed and the size chart for smalls is a tad different.

Every Knickernappies 2G comes with a free Banana Peels Diapers Microfiber Insert! Got a heavy wetter on your hands (as do I!) the SuperDo is one powerful insert! Both the SuperDo and LoopyDo are the top-rated inserts on DiaperPin for a reason!


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