Monday, August 4, 2008

New Size of Wahmies Wetbags and TONS of New Prints!!!

A perfect new size wetbag from Wahmies in fabulous new prints. I always carry one clean diaper and wipe in a small wetbag in my purse. The clean diaper stays clean and doesn't end up getting lost at the bottom of my purse. Once it is soiled I just swap it for the clean one. No need for a diaper bag for quick outings. I have never been a diaper bag gal anyway :)

This new small size measures 9" x 9" : A perfect size for day cares that require each soiled diaper be put in it's own wet bag. This is also the perfect size for one change of clothes for your child, or use as a reuseable sandwich bag that is large enough to double as a small placemat for lunch. Fits colth wipes perfectly without the need to fold them in half.

All Sizes in the Wahmies Wetbags are available in fun, fabulous designer prints. If you see a print you like, make sure to grab it. As with all Wahmies Wetbags, the print you see is only available for a limited time, when they are gone, they are gone!


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