Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Natural Teethers and Binkies from Natursutten

Teething....just the thought gives me nightmares! I remember with Liana, our first, we had just gotten settled in to the whole parenting routine, no more screaming colicy nights, everything seemed to be going smoothly AND BAM teething hit us! Oh boy! It seemed as though after each tooth finally broke through another was making it's torturous entrance. We purchased every squishy teether we could find, and they were probably chock full of BPA. When Jackson started teething I bought only wooden teething toys but I have to wonder, what baby wants to teeth on wood? He sure did not. Thanks to Natursutten teething can be a *tad* less stressful :) Their natural teethers are fre of BPA-A, phthalates and any chemical softeners.

Natursutten also makes fabulous BPA free pacifiers (or binkies as we call them around here) that are made from pure, natural rubber. Available in orthdontic and round.


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