Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Finally, a Diaper Rash Salve that is SAFE for Cloth Diapers

Think you can't use a rash cream with cloth diapers? Think again! Northern Essence makes a fabulous, all natural, diaper rash cream that safe for cloth diapers! NE Natural Diaper Rash Salve is the top rated ointment on Diaper Pin and for a many reasons. It contains NATURAL ingredients such as Healing Calendula Infused Oil, Therapeutic Emu oil and natural unrefined Shea & Cocoa Butters! Contains NO lanolin or petroleum. Available in 3 sizes: 2oz Tub, 2oz Twist-up Tube or a convenient 1oz push-up tube, perfect size for the diaper bag! Also available in a Lavender / Tea Tree Oil Free Version for those little baby bums that are especially sensitive.

Northern Essence also makes a great wool wash. 100% Natural vegetable glycerin soap blended with 100% natural liquid lanolin and pure Organic Oils, creating a far superior wash for your wool - with absolutely no detergents! My favorite wool wash :)


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