Friday, December 12, 2008

Save Money with Cloth Diapers

There are many great reasons to use cloth diapers. If the environmental benefits don't sway you the savings will. Not only are cloth diapers better for our planet, better for your baby, they are even better for your pocket book!

With the tough economic times upon up many families are looking for ways to cut back spending. I took a peak on to check out the going rate of disposable diapers. A box of Size 1 Pampers is $24.69 (not including shipping) which makes each diaper about $0.25. Newborns go through about 12 diapers a day, so a month of diapering with disposables will set you back $88.92! Wow, and that is just one month! Of course you'll need wipes, that will set you back another $12 per month. Not to mention gas used to the store if you don't buy online. That adds up to $100 PER MONTH! This amount will be a little less once baby is older and you are changing less often. Lets guesstimate that older babies will cost $80/ month. Now lets see what the grand total in disposables will set you back ...... $80 x 30 months = $2400 YIKES!

Let's take a look at the cost of cloth diapers. The most economical diapering system would be prefolds and Thirsties Diaper Covers. Just because prefolds are the most econmical don't underestimte their effectiveness. Prefolds are one of my favorite and best selling diaper option. They have many uses beyond diapering and wash up well.

Let's break down the cost from birth to potty learning:
2 dozen Infant prefolds at $22.20/dozen = 44.40
2 dozen Regular prefolds at $30/dozen = 60.00
4 XS Thirsties Covers at 10.75 = 43.00
4 Small Thirsties Covers at 10.75 = 43.00
4 Medium Thirsties Covers at 10.75 = 43.00
2 Pack of Snappis = 4.49
36 cloth wipes = 30.60
Total = $268.09

Looking for the simplest cloth diapering option that will still save you money over disposables? 24 bumGenius One Size Diapers will take you from birth to potty for about $400.00

Add in the washing:
30 months of washing diapers every other day=450 wash loads x $0.80 cents per wash load for water & electricity=$360.00

Grand Total for Disposables $2400
Grand Total for Cloth $628

That is quite a substatial savings! Now go ahead, MAKE THE SWITCH!!


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