Monday, December 29, 2008

A new twist on the One-Size Cloth Diaper

Rocky Mountain Diapers have made their entrance to the cloth diapering scene with a BANG! They offer a brand new twist to one-size diapers. Size adjustments are made with internal snap adjustments, no exposed front snaps! Rocky Mountain Diapers are easy to use, easy to adjust, and great color combinations are sure to please.

Rocky Mountain Diapers are a versatile new one-sized pocket diaper that grows with your baby! They feature an internal adjustment system that allows for a trim fit tailored to your baby’s body type, without a complicated or cluttered external snap arrangement. With one simple adjustment to the hidden snap system, you can raise or lower the front rise, or accommodate a thin or chunky baby's thighs without the need to adjust again until your little one grows to the next size. Rocky Mountain Diapers come in a variety of adorable coordinating colors, and are made of quality, fade resistant PUL to prevent leaking, and soft suede cloth on the inside to keep your baby dry and happy.

Rocky Mountain One Size Diaper

Internal Adjustment System- Just like the adjustments in children's waist bands, only ours is set in the legs of the diaper! This offers a fully adjustable rise and a great fit in the thighs where other brands leak most.

FREE insert included!

Yummy color combinations include:
Berries and Lemons
Grapefruit and Lemons
Limes and Berries


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