Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hip, Hip, Horray for Happy Tushies!

Most of the time when I leave the house I don't feel like carrying much. I usually throw a few diapers into a wetbag along with some wipes. The thing is, when one diaper is soiled it gets mixed up with the clean diaper, not good! Happy Tushies has solved this with a fabulous wetbag called the Wonderbag! The Wonderbag has two compartments that snap together to fit the same as a regular wetbag in your diaper bag, Also features a snap tab handle to hang off your stroller bars or what have you. One side for clean, one for dirty, problem solved :) And don't forget a matching changing pad.

Happy Tushies also makes mama pad bags. The same design as the wonderbags just scaled down a bit to fit in your purse.


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