Wednesday, September 17, 2008


For those of you that are wondering exactly what a Clover is ... Clovers are fluffy soft fitted diapers made of organic cotton velour. They come in a variety of fun surging and snap colors. Clovers are side snapping which cuts down on bulk, which I love. What makes them so special is that the elastic can be easily adjusted for the perfect fit! There is an access slot on the inside of the diaper to perform future repairs, elastic replacements and elastic adjustments.

Pair an Organic Clover with a wool diaper cover for the ultimate in natural diapering!

Did I mention that all Clover Diapers carry a LIFELONG warranty! NO other diaper out there can make that claim. Even if you pass down the diaper, the warranty still applies.

Be sure to check out their prefolds and doublers made of the same luxuriously soft organic cotton!
Heather Lent


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