Thursday, July 31, 2008

No more Toxic Baby Bottles!

Recently, I have been doing a lot of reading about BPA in plastics and the effects they have on our children. My daughter never took a bottle as a baby (quite strong willed since birth) , my son rarely did and I used mostly glass bottles. Now that he is 14 months old and loves to run around the house with his bottle I no longer feel comfortable using glass bottles. I started a mission to find safe, BPA free baby bottles and became side-tracked by all the shocking studies. I recently read a study on bottles entitled "Toxic Baby Bottles" written by the Environment California Research and & Policy Center.

"Extensive scientific literature reports adverse health
effects from bisphenol A at very low doses. Studies show
that bisphenol A can alter the expression of several
hundred genes with effects varying among specific tissues
and depending upon the timing of exposure. More
than 150 laboratory animal studies suggest that bisphenol
A exposure at very low doses is linked to a staggering
number of health problems, including prostate and breast
cancer, obesity, hyperactivity, diabetes, altered immune
system, lowered sperm count, and early puberty."

"...growing children
are particularly at risk from bisphenol
A exposure and because adverse effects
on intellectual ability, social behaviors,
fertility, and potential for disease may
take decades to detect, measures must
be taken to protect children from exposure
to products containing bisphenol A
that they use every day.
Even after birth, children’s bodies remain
immature with underdeveloped
detoxification mechanisms to protect
them from toxic chemicals. Children’s
brains and other organ systems are constantly
developing, undergoing periods
of particular sensitivity to damage or
I have found a few great makers of BPA-free baby bottles and sippy cups from Green to Grow, ThinkBaby, and Klean Kanteen . So get rid of your old baby bottles now!


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