Thursday, February 26, 2009

#1 Rated AIO on DiaperPin - Dream-Eze

The Dream-Eze is the #1 rated All in One DiaperPin and now available at Banana Peels Diapers. Not only is it made of super soft organic cotton, it is truly EASY to use and care for. If you are tired of stuffing pocket diapers, then this diaper is for you. One piece means that out of the dryer or off the line it is ready to use. The perfect diaper for day care! I remember when I first started with pocket diapers both my mom and MIL would forget to shake the insert out of the pockets. That would leave me digging through dirty diapers to remove the inserts before washing, no fun at all! With an all in one (AIO) diaper there are no worries! Daddy approved!

The interior is made up of 100% organic cotton which is super soft, no synthetic materials against your baby's skin. The outer is a waterproof yet breathable and soft TPU material. Have I mentioned the SNAP closure. I am really not a fan of aplix, love the snaps :) They hold up a lot better than aplix and deter curious babies.

Available in 3 beautiful colors. Blackberry, Kiwi, and Mandarin.

Wonderaps One Size Diaper Covers are also available. Now, no more need to by separate S, M and L covers!


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