Sunday, January 18, 2009

SposoEasy Diaper Review

I love trying new diapers, it is my business so I have an excuse :) I am extremely critical when it comes to diapers. Give me a diaper and I will analyze the heck out of it.

There has been a lot of buzz about the SposoEasy so I just had to give it a try. I am an absolute fan of natural fibers. Cotton washes up beautifully. No stripping, no build-up and no stinkies like man-made petroleum fibers have a tendency to do. The best part of the SposoEasy? It is easy..daddy easy. Sposo = husband.

When I first opened the package I was shocked how trim it was. The SposoEasy is extremely trim. Could a diaper that is so trim be absorbent? We will see....

As seen here there is no leg casing which can lead red marks on baby's cute little or chubby :) legs.

The interior consists of a cotton flannel backed with cotton loop terry.

The diaper seemed flat upon arrival but once washed it fluffed up beautifully! And dried almost as fast as my pocket diapers, unheard of for all-in-one diapers!

The laundry tabs are ingenious. My biggest complaint with aplix is the curling which is caused by washing and drying. I have to say that I do not like aplix at all because of the curling, lint collecting and diaper snakes. These hidden wash tab solves that! LOVE them! The SposoEasy is the only aplix diaper allowed my my stash.

Once fastened, the aplix tabs are completely hidden and ready to be washed!

Here is a medium SposoEasy on my 19 month, 25lb son. PLENTY of room to grow! The SposoEasy sizing is different that other diaper brand that you may be accustomed to. They run large!

Great fit around the legs which is extremely important!

Look how trim it is! Love this dipe!

Verdict: I LOVE this diaper! Great fit, super trim, dries fast. Everything I could ask for in a diaper!

UPDATE 3/1/09
My husband "helped out" last night by getting Jackson ready for bed, nighttime diaper and all. Let me just say that I am very particular about the nighttime diaper routine. Well, my dear husband grabbed a SpsosEasy off the top of the diaper stack and put it on him. I was busy getting my daughter ready, came downstairs and Jackson was asleep. My first reaction was "what diaper is he in? is he wearing a wool cover" Nope, he was in a Sposo. Well, I was not going to wake him just to swap out his diaper. Fast forward 12 hours: I knew I would have wet sheets and jammies to wash.....well, he was DRY, bed was DRY too! Not one single leak! The inside was completely saturated. One truly amazing diaper!


  1. I am looking to buy some of these for my 9 month old (21#!) son. I was told that I should buy a "long" to help with leaks. Would a med size work for him? Thanks for all the info, I'm new to cloth diapers...

  2. Hi Amy, It really depends on the shape of your son. I would measure the rise of your little one. The SposoEasy Medium Long has a rise of 18" and the medium has a rise of 16.5" If he is long I would suggest the Medium Long.

  3. I will show this blog to my girlfriend because she will like it very much due to she is very excited with the idea of being mother.

  4. Where can these be found?

  5. I have been looking for these and can not find any to buy. Also I was shown some with snaps? Did they come that way at one point?

  6. Is Sposoeasy still available for purchase? These are awesome cloth diapers!