Wednesday, May 28, 2008

RME - I give up!!

Unfortunately, I have been forced to make the decision to no longer accept Revolution Money Exchange as a form of payment.

I am removing RME as a payment option entirely due to:
  • The time and costs that I have incured as a result of the problems with RME;
  • But in particular as a result of the inconvenience it causes to you my wonderful customers

Many of you are aware of the issues I have had with RME. 2 weeks ago I was not able to receive funds from customers. I spent quite a while with RME trying to resolve the glitch and if was eventually fixed 2 days later. Well, now I am having the EXACT SAME problem again. I wasted 2 hours of my evening last night making multiple calls and talking to multiple representatives to get a bunch of EXCUSES as to why I am not able to accept funds. While we know that all services can experience “bumps” from time-to-time, there is no excuse their lack of service or knowledge. The first answer I was given was that apparently I don't know the difference between the "cancel" and "accept" button!! It is not only myself as a business owner but also customers that have experienced problems with their accounts and this horrible lack of customer care.

The apparent absence of concern or interest from RME with regard to this issue has severely damaged the reputation of this company in my eyes.


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